Monday, 9 January 2012

What are your NYBRs? (that’s New Year Beauty Resolutions) ….

Happy New Year Beauties!

2012 is upon us and if you haven’t yet thought about it (or think you might be just happy to continue the “no-makeup for me” look) just remember, there’s still a method to the makeup madness and a little bit if preparation goes a LONG WAY. Looking perfect without actually looking like you are trying looking PERFECT (does that even make sense?) takes a few BASICS to get you started so that you are MAKEUP FIT AND FAB in 2012. SO, this year, I am being FISCALLY responsible. Yes, you heard right. My girlfriends are probably already over my preaching, but have nevertheless been abnormally supportive in my endeavour thus far to reduce my spending and save as much as humanly possible this year. Admittedly, it is EXTRA hard when surrounded by Beauty Madness daily, so I am now learning to find ways to use what I have to get the best out of my items so that I am not spending my weekly lunch money on makeup: MY 2012 MANTRA: is “Priceline is my Kryptonite – STAY AWAY”. SO, if too you want to get on the FRUGAL band-wagon and SAVE some $$$ without compromising your perfect visage, here’s my 2012 tips to get the best from your kit;

If you spend your money on eating well, invest in the right vitamins and an ACTIVE range of serum-based products to get that cell-turnover happening, by working inside-out you will see quicker results and spend less money on lotions and potions that month after month, don’t seem to do a thing.
How this will save you $$? Remember An effective, active skincare range should show you results in weeks (not months), which means less money spent on wasted skincare (everyone has those jars of miracle creams that didn’t do a damned thing – don’t try and deny it!).

Yes, that means 2 x cleansing – the first to remove the makeup and the second to prep the skin for serum and moisturiser. How this will save you $$? Better skin means less makeup > less money spent on fixing skin problems and looking for that ‘magic’ foundation that will shrink pores and somehow make you look like J-Lo!

Even when it’s cloudy or overcast! Sun = damage = premature aging = wrinkles/skin cancers. Need I say more? How this will save you $$? Uh… let me see - Less trips to the doctors to have cancers cut out of your face = less money on plastic surgery to rectify the scarring!?!?! Just wear the sunscreen, already!!!

Every perfect canvas has been primed underneath, so why should your face be any different? I know I am a broken record with this one, but PRIMER should be your BEST FRIEND by now, really! For stay-put, flawless,  eye makeup, use an eye base/cream shadows – MAC, Stila and Laura Mercier make some of the best. Remember, they must dry to a matte or tacky/powder finish (if they smudge or crease, so will your eyeshadow). How this will save you $$? Apart from better skin (due to less product sinking into pores and you needing to scrub your face at night) you’ll use less foundation and shadow on a daily basis so your products will last longer!

Got a stash of unused items that you grew tired of a season or two ago? Try these tips to get the most out of everything in your makeup bag;
  • Lipsticks/Lipliners: Can be used as cream blush  - apply over your liquid/cream foundation (under powder, of course)
  • Shimmer eyecolours: Gold/ivory tones can be used as highlighters for cheekbones (provided you use the correct colour for your skintone)
  • Bronzers: Those that are not too orange may be used as an eyeshadow to contour – the second colour you place into the eye socket (under the brow bone) to give some depth to eye colour
  • Wet/Dry Eyeshadows: Can be applied with a wet brush as an eyeliner
  • Gel Liners: Apply with ring finger or brush all over the lid (up to the brow bone) for a darker eye base that won’t smudge, and apply your shadow over the top (remember to blend!)
  • Cotton Buds: Use as smudge brushes for your  upper and lower lash line. You can buy the tipped ones at Hot Dollar and Priceline now..
  • Mascara Brushes: Got an expensive mascara that you LOVE but has now reached its use-by date? If you can’t afford to replace but also can’t bear the thought of parting with the perfect brush, clean it with warm soapy water and keep to reuse with new, cheaper mascara formula. Just remember to clean after each use if you are storing the brush separately.
And if you have done ALL of the above and still feel the need to stock up on some essential resources, “I hereby grant you permission” to check out the following:

COSMO COSMETICS – MetCentre, Sydney
Now stocking MAC blush and Eyeshadows at reduced prices in quite an array of colours. MAC is notoriously difficult to find CHEAP AND LEGIT online, so I highly recommend you visit Cosmo to have a look at their stock.

MECCA Cosmetica’s top picks for 2012
They seem to know what im on about and you will find the best of the best in makeup here!….

As always, don’t forget to shop around!
Love Tam

It’s a New Year so why not get yourself sorted with a new look for 2012! I offer private and group makeup lessons, as well as makeup application for all occasions. Free to contact me for any makeup/beauty needs! You can check out my online portfolio shots at;
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