Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Exclusive treats!!!! Cry with joy over Spilt Milk this Christmas 2011 || Gift Guide from The Beauty Club - Big Value Gift Sets

Hell-llooo Summer!!!!!..HELLO????

Can anyone tell me, where did the SUN go??!?! Last week we were baking and this week we are shivering! Nevertheless, I am not giving up on the heat to bring some summer sizzle to this year’s party season, which is almost officially underway! It’s just over a month till Chrismmukah (yep, that is actually a term!) and my list is getting longer and longer and loooongggerr!!  So, I hereby give you yet another BEVVY of beauty bounty to keep you Festive and flirty, this time from the masters of beauty bargains,  The Beauty Club!!!  As many of you know, these treasures come pre-wrapped, so a word to the wise and ask them to label the items so you don’t have to undo all their hard work, figuring out what’s what!!!

And an Exclusive Treat for those ‘in the know’, as party season swings into gear and you find yourself stranded in-between your next colour and blow-dry appointment!– Finally, a Dry Shampoo that won’t leave you looking ‘ashy’!!


Once upon a time I was an avid gym bunny, sweating it out before, during and after work hours and thus testing practically every ‘dry shampoo’ there is - even the ones for ‘brunettes’ (yes, you Batiste!) leaving me looking like my Granny with grey roots!! Eeewww!  I had lost ALL faith in this type of product – that is, until I met this GOREGOUS range that actually and ACURATELY matches every possible hair colour!!
Spilt Milk's Luxurious Mineral Hair Powder will keep blonde, light and dark brunette, red-head, copper-haired, and black-haired gals looking their most fresh, re-growth free and gorgeous in between shampoos, fab blow dries, and colours.  Spilt Milk will help hide re-growth (including greys) and absorb oil from the scalp, leaving hair light, manageable, and divine. There are yummy personalised and dessert-inspired fragrances for every woman who wants to look, smell and feel like a goddess.

Sweating it out at the gym??
Spilt Milk is decadent luxury that fits in your purse – perfect for busy gals on the go.
These are THE perfect xmas gift for every lady in the land, and lasts for up to a year, even when used daily – that is good value!!
But you won’t find these online…there are only select stockists so get in quick and order yours now in time to pop it under the tree!

Happy customers??? This stuff must be good…. http://www.spiltmilk.net.au/who-loves-spilt-milk.html

LOVE  beauty.sigh.

Love Tam

Monday, 14 November 2011

The stuff CHRISSIE DREAAAAMMMS are made of || Shop Magical Fantastical...

Ho ho ho my pretties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are we really talking Xmas already??!?!

Yes!!! Believe it people -  there’s only 40 sleeps to go (..or at least I thinks so… I got distracted by the pretty colours…) Anyway, I for one am convinced that I have died and gone to make up heaven!! Why, you ask? If you haven’t yet had the privilege of flipping through and tagging practically EVERY bursting page of this sensational Christmas bonanza from the beauty hub that is MECCA Cosmetica, now is the time!!! I promise you will not be disappointed with 36 pages (yep, count ‘em!!!) of beauty bliss!

With inspired parfum coffrets and NARS shadow palettes for under $100, this is the stuff CHRISSIE DREAAAAMMMS are made of!!!!
Did I mention that Dyptique Parfums have released limited edition scents for the holidays and we have a plethora of sent-sational gifts to put a spring in your step and a scent in your hair!

So –
• Not sure what to give all those loved ones this year??
• More importantly - not sure what to ASK for this year???

Look no further!!!!
Dear Santa
I would be more than overjoyed with any little tid bit that you see fit to slip in my stocking this holiday season….
Please refer to the tabs on the attached catalogue noting pages 1-36 as ‘priority’ wishes.
Love from,
Me xxx
Did I mention, I LOVE  Mecca?…sigh.

Love Tam

Friday, 4 November 2011

Back to basics || The It List

Happy Friday Beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I hear your sighs of relief to the end race day perfect skin, eyes and lips….

You can now go back to your “no-makeup for me – im ‘au naturel’-baby” look – but remember, it’s not as simple as slapping on some random tinted moisturiser! Looking just perfect without actually looking PERFECT takes the right products (and technique of course), and as any good makeup aficionado knows, the best advice comes from above-

SO, although it probably doesn’t do me any favours to tout the teachings of another professional, it DOES takes one to know one – and granted that the ever-flawless Ms Charlotte Blakeney has the pleasure of VOGUE shoots (ie. VOGUE AIRBRUSHING!!!)  and having worked with THE FAMOUS of the famous, I think I’ll just shut up now and take my seat in the corner with my trusty notepad as http://www.meccacosmetica.com.au/ delivers…. Pay attention peops -  MECCA HAS SPOKEN!

As always, don’t forget to shop around!

Love Tam

Thursday, 3 November 2011



Ok, so HANDS UP those of you who got sooooo INTO the cup spirit that you;

a. Ran out of your favourite lippie – last seen all over the handsome young stallion at the bar – ooh la la!!
b. Lost your make up bag in the powder room…or was it the taxi???... or was it…?? Oohhh I don’t know…!!!!
c. Lent your favourite gloss to the girl standing next to you in the queue for the toilet, never to be seen again….???

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this this lot of NEWCOMERS from Sense Beauty is for you –

as always, don’t forget to shop around!

Love Tam