Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Birthday Brainstorm :: Elevate your Beauty to new heights

Today is my birthday and the official end of  "Tammi Version 3.0" - time to upgrade to a new, healthier and more reliable software i think, so i am investing in "Version 3.1" and getting my life on track in every which way I can imagine; finances, relationships, health insurance...It's been a month of small victories and getting my things 'in order'. At the top of my list is improving my health and beauty is just a bonus. I must say that I always believed that women look and feel their best in their 30's and I'm hoping this rings true for me. After a 5am run and yoga session this morning (my third episode of exercise this week alone) I feel like I have had a little ray of sunshine poured into my veins...Yes, corny i know, but if you've ever done a yoga session (even the most basic, 10 minute get-away-from-the-world type) you will know what i mean. Glowing skin and strong lean muscle tone, less stress breakouts...Need I say more?
On Monday I was lucky enough to participate in a full hour of relaxing yoga as i lay in an amazing, spacious room (with abundant natural light) overlooking Sydney harbour...Not bad for a lunch break, eh? Admittedly my yoga practise has fallen off the rails over the festive season, replaced with flexing my Moscato muscles and eating to excess - Gluten Free what??...  I was excited for the chance to kick back into gear and see if my years of yoga would also kick in (if not a little afraid for the possibility that my inner yogi might well be lying on the couch at home).

Our Yoga Master, the glowing Kate from Elevate Events, promised us a balanced practise; Strength V Stretch and sometimes a little Sweat. i.e work but also release and relax. That's the beauty of yoga, she says. To quote Kate's wise words of wisdom about the positive side effects of practising this ancient and BEAUTIFYING art:
  • Sharp focus and concentration - the breathing, coupled with stretching and often putting the body in physically challenging postures trains us to stay calm and maintain grace under pressure. 
  • Maintain or improve digestive system - twisting and forward bending massage our internal organs and get everything moving!
  • Excellent posture - particularly for people who spend a lot of time sitting we need to make sure any of those bad postural habits we pick up under stressful times are counteracted. It's also common to 'feel' a little taller after a yoga session. 
  • Open hips - again, for those who sit a lot this is hugely beneficial. By opening the hips through a yoga practise, you'll start to notice the difference to the way you perform outside of work in your sporting/athletic pursuits.
  • Restful sleep - because we're slowing down the heart rate and releasing muscle tension in yoga, it's not uncommon to feel like you're getting a more rested sleep after yoga which means you're 'on' for your days.
So, you can imagine the BEAUTY benefits of this incredible exercise for mind, body and spirit.

Elevate Angels
But do not be mistaken by thinking that Kate and her inspiring team are not just athletic coaches; Elevate Angels Kate, Kylie and Bets run workshops, events and retreats with the mission to inspire, motivate and elevate. Their next event is on Saturday 11 February. Called 'RESET for 2012', its all about creating your best year yet and will be half a day filled with yoga, nutritious breakfast, inspiring talks and some rock solid goal setting. Come along to be inspired and inspire others. Feel healthy mentally and let it shine through physically. I know i will be dragging my inner Yogi along...

No money for classes? No worries! Do It Yourself Nirvana is only a DVD away... 
For the last ten years I have practised a mixture of yoga styles - from Vinyasa to Ashtanga, I have found the more flowing, dynamic styles to be my perfect mix of cardio and relaxation - the results are immediate and you feel incredible after each session. The Namaste Yoga Practice by Kate Potter (pictured left) was a soul saver during the winter months where I would drag myself out of bed at 5am every morning to complete a short but sweet 20 minutes of blissful meditation and get my blood pumping and spirit aligned for the day ahead. The series is fun, the scenery is beautfiul and it's just enough to make you feel like you have worked out both mind and soul, even if you dont have an hour to practice. Check out the Namaste series online at

If you are looking for a way to combine my love of yoga with athletcism, you might also be interested in my favourite yoga method, Vinyasa Flow - I use it to improve my surf technique and stamina. If you havent yet met the Hawaiian Yogi goddess, Shiva Rea, you will be glad you have this introduction! Quite simply, this is food for the soul. The locations are exotic, the movements are dynamic and fluid and if you like to fuse any type of dance with your yoga, you will LOVE the free-flow of Shiva's incredible array of styles. My favourite DVDs in the collection are Shiva Rae: Surf Yoga Soul, Shiva Rea: Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Shiva Rae: Core Abs. Do yourself the biggest favour and get online now to watch and order Shiva's amazing yoga collection at

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