Sunday, 29 January 2012

::{ The Beauty Garden }:: has moved to!

::{ The Beauty Garden }:: has moved to!

I hope this change will allow you to follow my adventures, post your comments and questions and watch my online beauty tutorials with greater ease and to your heart's content!

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Great Expectations - Are you getting what you paid for?

I know I'm not the only one who has been left disappointed by a product or service that didn't quite come up to scratch. I have (on more occasions that I care to admit) purchased a new 'better' foundation which looked fantastic in the store, at the sales assistant's assurance that it was 'flawless - the perfect colour for you'. After spending $90, I have subsequently found myself frowning in the mirror at my new jaundiced (but flawless)   complexion, or (also on more occasions than i care to admit), picking at the 5 new pimples that have magically sprouted on my face in the hour that i have been wearing the magic new formula....hmmm.

As with anything in life (and in particular, when purchasing beauty products) it's essential to assess ones expectations before we commit to a product or service. Establishing what you should realistically expect will ensure that you have a positive experience and get the best from the product or service you are purchasing. I make a point of asking my clients a series of questions when we sit down for a makeup application or lesson;

What are you hoping to achieve? 
This could be a specific look or one feature accentuated etc. For lessons this might be how to create a flawless complexion, how to create a classic eye, or apply false lashes. I like to follow this with, 'How do you want your makeup to look?'

What do you not like? 
Is there something you have been wearing or trying to achieve that is not working? Do you have products in your makeup bag that you don't like or no longer use? If so, why not? Are you using these in the best way?

Lessons learnt the hard way...
Image from
A negative experience can influence your perception of a whole product line and deter you from exploring what might be a treasure trove of beauty secrets. I recently had this experience with Dermalogica's Skin Hydration Booster, which i discovered last winter when I was looking for some serious comfort for my flaking face. Having used serums for many years, I expected the formula to be ultra rich and instantly hydrating. Forgetting the golden rule of 'serum application', I mistakenly smeared the formula onto my parched cheeks, chin, nose and forehead and waited for the immediate 'Boost'....Minutes later i found myself shaking my head in disbelief - there was no difference and it appeared to have evaporated into thin air. So, naturally, I applied more - in the same way - and was disappointed once again. Needless to say I quickly moved on to the next product, and I never used this serum again.
But it was my loss. This is a BRILLIANT product  and one of Dermalogica's most popular. Had I bothered to do my research (as as was later explained to me by the friendly team at the Miranda Skin Bar, the serum must be pressed firmly into the skin and the moisturiser applied over the top (not smeared on a worn alone, as I did)...
I have evidently been missing out on hydration heaven, and all because I didn't pay attention to the product instructions.

Waste not, want not
If you are (like me), trying to save your bank balance, you might want to try the following tricks to make the most of what you have;

  • Revisit those unused or discarded items in your beauty kit to see what you have been missing out on. If you take the time to use these products properly, you will certainly get the best results and perhaps even what you paid for. 
  • Test products before purchasing; not just in store (where you will certainly suffer the inevitable sinking feeling of buyers remorse when you realise you should have at least worn the foundation in day light just to check the colour). 
  • Get product samples that will allow 2-3 applications so that you can get a proper feel for the product and how it reacts to your skin, since everybody is different in their looks, skin types and there is no 'one size fits all' for any beauty product.
  • Using a beauty professional?  When booking a makeup or beauty service, it makes sense to take the time to investigate their work - especially if it's a bridal booking - before you book. Typically, the makeup they've done in the past (and often the makeup they wear themselves) will be the style that you'll walk out with.

And above all...
Be kind to yourself. A makeup artist works with your best features to get the best result they can. You should also focus on accentuating your best features rather than hoping to change the things you cannot with unrealistic or quick fixes. Unfortunately unless you have the same face and bone structure as J-Lo, you probably wont look like her identical twin (sorry!). As one experienced makeup artist once said wisely, "Sorry ladies, it's not a magic wand"...

By focusing on your positive, beauty you may just find that your lifelong search for that magic potion is somehow not that important after all...

xxx T

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Birthday Brainstorm :: Elevate your Beauty to new heights

Today is my birthday and the official end of  "Tammi Version 3.0" - time to upgrade to a new, healthier and more reliable software i think, so i am investing in "Version 3.1" and getting my life on track in every which way I can imagine; finances, relationships, health insurance...It's been a month of small victories and getting my things 'in order'. At the top of my list is improving my health and beauty is just a bonus. I must say that I always believed that women look and feel their best in their 30's and I'm hoping this rings true for me. After a 5am run and yoga session this morning (my third episode of exercise this week alone) I feel like I have had a little ray of sunshine poured into my veins...Yes, corny i know, but if you've ever done a yoga session (even the most basic, 10 minute get-away-from-the-world type) you will know what i mean. Glowing skin and strong lean muscle tone, less stress breakouts...Need I say more?
On Monday I was lucky enough to participate in a full hour of relaxing yoga as i lay in an amazing, spacious room (with abundant natural light) overlooking Sydney harbour...Not bad for a lunch break, eh? Admittedly my yoga practise has fallen off the rails over the festive season, replaced with flexing my Moscato muscles and eating to excess - Gluten Free what??...  I was excited for the chance to kick back into gear and see if my years of yoga would also kick in (if not a little afraid for the possibility that my inner yogi might well be lying on the couch at home).

Our Yoga Master, the glowing Kate from Elevate Events, promised us a balanced practise; Strength V Stretch and sometimes a little Sweat. i.e work but also release and relax. That's the beauty of yoga, she says. To quote Kate's wise words of wisdom about the positive side effects of practising this ancient and BEAUTIFYING art:
  • Sharp focus and concentration - the breathing, coupled with stretching and often putting the body in physically challenging postures trains us to stay calm and maintain grace under pressure. 
  • Maintain or improve digestive system - twisting and forward bending massage our internal organs and get everything moving!
  • Excellent posture - particularly for people who spend a lot of time sitting we need to make sure any of those bad postural habits we pick up under stressful times are counteracted. It's also common to 'feel' a little taller after a yoga session. 
  • Open hips - again, for those who sit a lot this is hugely beneficial. By opening the hips through a yoga practise, you'll start to notice the difference to the way you perform outside of work in your sporting/athletic pursuits.
  • Restful sleep - because we're slowing down the heart rate and releasing muscle tension in yoga, it's not uncommon to feel like you're getting a more rested sleep after yoga which means you're 'on' for your days.
So, you can imagine the BEAUTY benefits of this incredible exercise for mind, body and spirit.

Elevate Angels
But do not be mistaken by thinking that Kate and her inspiring team are not just athletic coaches; Elevate Angels Kate, Kylie and Bets run workshops, events and retreats with the mission to inspire, motivate and elevate. Their next event is on Saturday 11 February. Called 'RESET for 2012', its all about creating your best year yet and will be half a day filled with yoga, nutritious breakfast, inspiring talks and some rock solid goal setting. Come along to be inspired and inspire others. Feel healthy mentally and let it shine through physically. I know i will be dragging my inner Yogi along...

No money for classes? No worries! Do It Yourself Nirvana is only a DVD away... 
For the last ten years I have practised a mixture of yoga styles - from Vinyasa to Ashtanga, I have found the more flowing, dynamic styles to be my perfect mix of cardio and relaxation - the results are immediate and you feel incredible after each session. The Namaste Yoga Practice by Kate Potter (pictured left) was a soul saver during the winter months where I would drag myself out of bed at 5am every morning to complete a short but sweet 20 minutes of blissful meditation and get my blood pumping and spirit aligned for the day ahead. The series is fun, the scenery is beautfiul and it's just enough to make you feel like you have worked out both mind and soul, even if you dont have an hour to practice. Check out the Namaste series online at

If you are looking for a way to combine my love of yoga with athletcism, you might also be interested in my favourite yoga method, Vinyasa Flow - I use it to improve my surf technique and stamina. If you havent yet met the Hawaiian Yogi goddess, Shiva Rea, you will be glad you have this introduction! Quite simply, this is food for the soul. The locations are exotic, the movements are dynamic and fluid and if you like to fuse any type of dance with your yoga, you will LOVE the free-flow of Shiva's incredible array of styles. My favourite DVDs in the collection are Shiva Rae: Surf Yoga Soul, Shiva Rea: Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Shiva Rae: Core Abs. Do yourself the biggest favour and get online now to watch and order Shiva's amazing yoga collection at

Friday, 13 January 2012

Welcome to The Beauty Garden

Where makeup and pampering pleasures feed the mind, body and spirit...
Come take a walk with me and let the secrets of the garden be revealed!

How to get out of that make up rut and put your BEST face forward

Often when we stop driving ourselves toward a goal, we get comfortable in our surrounds and are happy to take a back seat and let life be the driver for a while. This is not always a bad thing, but I suspect that perhaps this means that we are not doing - or rather, being - everything we could be.
My realisation of my own rut did not dawn on me immediately, but has taken shape over the last month or so through speaking to others and realising that we all sometime feel we are standing still when we think we should be moving; be it at work, financially, in our relationships...
I worked with a new client two weeks ago who is overwhelmingly open to change and growth in all aspects of her life, but has decided to focus on her personal styling and makeup. She wants to be open to receive love and enjoy life to its fullest. She recognises that change and inspiration come from within and in short, she needs to start putting her BEST self out there, to get the best coming back to her.
I LOVE working with people who are willing to try something new as it often prompts me to assess what i can change in my own life, attitude and makeup that might implore me to be that little bit braver and - most importantly - live my life as if every day were my last. The amazing thing about beauty and makeup is that it has not only the power to transform the body, but in doing so, it transforms the soul too. The smallest change to your look can make you feel just that little bit more alive and excite you with possibilities!
So, here are my tips for spicing it up - little by little, just to start - to add some extra bravado to each day, put your best face forward and Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)!

1. Try wearing a pop of bright colour on the apples of your cheeks

You don't need to go retro with this look, but just use a tone that is a shade or two more vivid than you might usually use, and keep the rest of your face minimal. It's amazing what blush can do to make you look alive! I personally love lolly pink or coral for porcelain/fair skin and a bright fuchsia or orange for darker/olive/tanned skins.

Makeup by Tammi Hendricks,  Hair and Photography by James Nash

2. Go that little bit further with your eye makeup
It might be as simple as extending the base colour up just above the brow bone (so that when the eye is open you can see the colour), or adding some mystery by lining around the eye and smoking it up with some rusty brown shadow (which looks amazing on almost every skin tone / eye colour). You might have always wanted to try false lashes for a dramatic night look? I recommend the individual lashes rather than the strip as they give a more natural Bambi look and wont be prone to falling halfway down your face after a few drinks!) Whatever you try, practise makes perfect so use your spare moments to perfect your look and then watch the compliments roll in as you strut your stuff!

Makeup by Tammi Hendricks,  Hair and Photography by James Nash 

3. Experiment with lip colour that suits YOU
For years now, trends have shown either a nude or a bold look (depending on season).

Generally speaking, if you go heavy on the eyes, you mute the lip colour and vis-a-vis.
This year, why not just experiment with what suits YOU. What makes you feel your best and what you like to wear.

Makeup by Tammi Hendricks, Hair and Photography by James Nash
Makeup by Tammi Hendricks, Hair by Nicole Sudjana, Photography by Kylie Rae 
Sometimes we get so caught up in what's in the magazines that we forget what makes us feel our best.
Remember that makeup, ideally, should be a reflection of your individual personality and style so have fun practising, and pushing the boundaries until you are comfortable. Above all - YOU should wear the makeup, it should not wear you!

If you have any questions, please post them here and i will answer as best i can!
xxx Tam

(All images and words are Copyright Tammi Hendricks 2012)

Monday, 9 January 2012

What are your NYBRs? (that’s New Year Beauty Resolutions) ….

Happy New Year Beauties!

2012 is upon us and if you haven’t yet thought about it (or think you might be just happy to continue the “no-makeup for me” look) just remember, there’s still a method to the makeup madness and a little bit if preparation goes a LONG WAY. Looking perfect without actually looking like you are trying looking PERFECT (does that even make sense?) takes a few BASICS to get you started so that you are MAKEUP FIT AND FAB in 2012. SO, this year, I am being FISCALLY responsible. Yes, you heard right. My girlfriends are probably already over my preaching, but have nevertheless been abnormally supportive in my endeavour thus far to reduce my spending and save as much as humanly possible this year. Admittedly, it is EXTRA hard when surrounded by Beauty Madness daily, so I am now learning to find ways to use what I have to get the best out of my items so that I am not spending my weekly lunch money on makeup: MY 2012 MANTRA: is “Priceline is my Kryptonite – STAY AWAY”. SO, if too you want to get on the FRUGAL band-wagon and SAVE some $$$ without compromising your perfect visage, here’s my 2012 tips to get the best from your kit;

If you spend your money on eating well, invest in the right vitamins and an ACTIVE range of serum-based products to get that cell-turnover happening, by working inside-out you will see quicker results and spend less money on lotions and potions that month after month, don’t seem to do a thing.
How this will save you $$? Remember An effective, active skincare range should show you results in weeks (not months), which means less money spent on wasted skincare (everyone has those jars of miracle creams that didn’t do a damned thing – don’t try and deny it!).

Yes, that means 2 x cleansing – the first to remove the makeup and the second to prep the skin for serum and moisturiser. How this will save you $$? Better skin means less makeup > less money spent on fixing skin problems and looking for that ‘magic’ foundation that will shrink pores and somehow make you look like J-Lo!

Even when it’s cloudy or overcast! Sun = damage = premature aging = wrinkles/skin cancers. Need I say more? How this will save you $$? Uh… let me see - Less trips to the doctors to have cancers cut out of your face = less money on plastic surgery to rectify the scarring!?!?! Just wear the sunscreen, already!!!

Every perfect canvas has been primed underneath, so why should your face be any different? I know I am a broken record with this one, but PRIMER should be your BEST FRIEND by now, really! For stay-put, flawless,  eye makeup, use an eye base/cream shadows – MAC, Stila and Laura Mercier make some of the best. Remember, they must dry to a matte or tacky/powder finish (if they smudge or crease, so will your eyeshadow). How this will save you $$? Apart from better skin (due to less product sinking into pores and you needing to scrub your face at night) you’ll use less foundation and shadow on a daily basis so your products will last longer!

Got a stash of unused items that you grew tired of a season or two ago? Try these tips to get the most out of everything in your makeup bag;
  • Lipsticks/Lipliners: Can be used as cream blush  - apply over your liquid/cream foundation (under powder, of course)
  • Shimmer eyecolours: Gold/ivory tones can be used as highlighters for cheekbones (provided you use the correct colour for your skintone)
  • Bronzers: Those that are not too orange may be used as an eyeshadow to contour – the second colour you place into the eye socket (under the brow bone) to give some depth to eye colour
  • Wet/Dry Eyeshadows: Can be applied with a wet brush as an eyeliner
  • Gel Liners: Apply with ring finger or brush all over the lid (up to the brow bone) for a darker eye base that won’t smudge, and apply your shadow over the top (remember to blend!)
  • Cotton Buds: Use as smudge brushes for your  upper and lower lash line. You can buy the tipped ones at Hot Dollar and Priceline now..
  • Mascara Brushes: Got an expensive mascara that you LOVE but has now reached its use-by date? If you can’t afford to replace but also can’t bear the thought of parting with the perfect brush, clean it with warm soapy water and keep to reuse with new, cheaper mascara formula. Just remember to clean after each use if you are storing the brush separately.
And if you have done ALL of the above and still feel the need to stock up on some essential resources, “I hereby grant you permission” to check out the following:

COSMO COSMETICS – MetCentre, Sydney
Now stocking MAC blush and Eyeshadows at reduced prices in quite an array of colours. MAC is notoriously difficult to find CHEAP AND LEGIT online, so I highly recommend you visit Cosmo to have a look at their stock.

MECCA Cosmetica’s top picks for 2012
They seem to know what im on about and you will find the best of the best in makeup here!….

As always, don’t forget to shop around!
Love Tam

It’s a New Year so why not get yourself sorted with a new look for 2012! I offer private and group makeup lessons, as well as makeup application for all occasions. Free to contact me for any makeup/beauty needs! You can check out my online portfolio shots at;
The Loop -
FaceBook -!/pages/-Make-Up-by-Tammi-Hendricks-/328693228412

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Exclusive treats!!!! Cry with joy over Spilt Milk this Christmas 2011 || Gift Guide from The Beauty Club - Big Value Gift Sets

Hell-llooo Summer!!!!!..HELLO????

Can anyone tell me, where did the SUN go??!?! Last week we were baking and this week we are shivering! Nevertheless, I am not giving up on the heat to bring some summer sizzle to this year’s party season, which is almost officially underway! It’s just over a month till Chrismmukah (yep, that is actually a term!) and my list is getting longer and longer and loooongggerr!!  So, I hereby give you yet another BEVVY of beauty bounty to keep you Festive and flirty, this time from the masters of beauty bargains,  The Beauty Club!!!  As many of you know, these treasures come pre-wrapped, so a word to the wise and ask them to label the items so you don’t have to undo all their hard work, figuring out what’s what!!!

And an Exclusive Treat for those ‘in the know’, as party season swings into gear and you find yourself stranded in-between your next colour and blow-dry appointment!– Finally, a Dry Shampoo that won’t leave you looking ‘ashy’!!

Once upon a time I was an avid gym bunny, sweating it out before, during and after work hours and thus testing practically every ‘dry shampoo’ there is - even the ones for ‘brunettes’ (yes, you Batiste!) leaving me looking like my Granny with grey roots!! Eeewww!  I had lost ALL faith in this type of product – that is, until I met this GOREGOUS range that actually and ACURATELY matches every possible hair colour!!
Spilt Milk's Luxurious Mineral Hair Powder will keep blonde, light and dark brunette, red-head, copper-haired, and black-haired gals looking their most fresh, re-growth free and gorgeous in between shampoos, fab blow dries, and colours.  Spilt Milk will help hide re-growth (including greys) and absorb oil from the scalp, leaving hair light, manageable, and divine. There are yummy personalised and dessert-inspired fragrances for every woman who wants to look, smell and feel like a goddess.

Sweating it out at the gym??
Spilt Milk is decadent luxury that fits in your purse – perfect for busy gals on the go.
These are THE perfect xmas gift for every lady in the land, and lasts for up to a year, even when used daily – that is good value!!
But you won’t find these online…there are only select stockists so get in quick and order yours now in time to pop it under the tree!

Happy customers??? This stuff must be good….

LOVE  beauty.sigh.

Love Tam