Friday, 13 January 2012

How to get out of that make up rut and put your BEST face forward

Often when we stop driving ourselves toward a goal, we get comfortable in our surrounds and are happy to take a back seat and let life be the driver for a while. This is not always a bad thing, but I suspect that perhaps this means that we are not doing - or rather, being - everything we could be.
My realisation of my own rut did not dawn on me immediately, but has taken shape over the last month or so through speaking to others and realising that we all sometime feel we are standing still when we think we should be moving; be it at work, financially, in our relationships...
I worked with a new client two weeks ago who is overwhelmingly open to change and growth in all aspects of her life, but has decided to focus on her personal styling and makeup. She wants to be open to receive love and enjoy life to its fullest. She recognises that change and inspiration come from within and in short, she needs to start putting her BEST self out there, to get the best coming back to her.
I LOVE working with people who are willing to try something new as it often prompts me to assess what i can change in my own life, attitude and makeup that might implore me to be that little bit braver and - most importantly - live my life as if every day were my last. The amazing thing about beauty and makeup is that it has not only the power to transform the body, but in doing so, it transforms the soul too. The smallest change to your look can make you feel just that little bit more alive and excite you with possibilities!
So, here are my tips for spicing it up - little by little, just to start - to add some extra bravado to each day, put your best face forward and Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)!

1. Try wearing a pop of bright colour on the apples of your cheeks

You don't need to go retro with this look, but just use a tone that is a shade or two more vivid than you might usually use, and keep the rest of your face minimal. It's amazing what blush can do to make you look alive! I personally love lolly pink or coral for porcelain/fair skin and a bright fuchsia or orange for darker/olive/tanned skins.

Makeup by Tammi Hendricks,  Hair and Photography by James Nash

2. Go that little bit further with your eye makeup
It might be as simple as extending the base colour up just above the brow bone (so that when the eye is open you can see the colour), or adding some mystery by lining around the eye and smoking it up with some rusty brown shadow (which looks amazing on almost every skin tone / eye colour). You might have always wanted to try false lashes for a dramatic night look? I recommend the individual lashes rather than the strip as they give a more natural Bambi look and wont be prone to falling halfway down your face after a few drinks!) Whatever you try, practise makes perfect so use your spare moments to perfect your look and then watch the compliments roll in as you strut your stuff!

Makeup by Tammi Hendricks,  Hair and Photography by James Nash 

3. Experiment with lip colour that suits YOU
For years now, trends have shown either a nude or a bold look (depending on season).

Generally speaking, if you go heavy on the eyes, you mute the lip colour and vis-a-vis.
This year, why not just experiment with what suits YOU. What makes you feel your best and what you like to wear.

Makeup by Tammi Hendricks, Hair and Photography by James Nash
Makeup by Tammi Hendricks, Hair by Nicole Sudjana, Photography by Kylie Rae 
Sometimes we get so caught up in what's in the magazines that we forget what makes us feel our best.
Remember that makeup, ideally, should be a reflection of your individual personality and style so have fun practising, and pushing the boundaries until you are comfortable. Above all - YOU should wear the makeup, it should not wear you!

If you have any questions, please post them here and i will answer as best i can!
xxx Tam

(All images and words are Copyright Tammi Hendricks 2012)

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