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Some FREE advice - my SUMMER gift to you!
Tinted moisturiser is THE perfect choice for summer – I can smell it in the air! – I recommend most of the below  and always good to go and try in store before you hop online to purchase for half price!
Also, just a side note that I am now taking bookings for the silly season and 2012, so feel free to contact me for any makeup/beauty needs! Please feel free to pass on to anyone I might have left of the makeup trail or friends/family that might be interested….

Top Picks for Summer & Staple Items for your Kit:

STEP 1- Prep >> This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE if you want your makeup to last past 10am!

Primers -
• Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer (this brand is avail only from DJs and some products on /
STEP 2 – even out skin tone

Tinted moisturisers -

• Chanel Pro Lumiere SPF15 - #30
• Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - \ - for Summer (It is WELL worth the money as you only need a small amount and can apply with fingers (they actually recommend this method) as it warms to the skin better and gives a more natural finish. If you want to build coverage at night, just apply a little more with a brush and then press with fingers to melt it into your skin.
A cautionary word on this product, if you will – it is THE one product I see most misused!!! The trick is to USE SPARINGLY with fingers or wet sponge – apply all over and then build only where needed and remember to BLEND into jaw line and down the neck.
FYI, in summer you MUST set with powder and then spritz to stop it from transferring onto your phone/ hands etc – the Nars formulas are very light and silky (but has great pigmentation which means a little goes a lonnng way!).
In summer I would mix a little with my sunscreen to make light base and just apply it as you would a tinted moisturiser.

Face Powder -
• BECCA Loose Finishing Powder – Eggshell
Or these Mineral Powders – these starter kits are good value but you can buy the powders by themselves

Bronzer -
• MAC - Bronzing Powder - Refined Golden        
• Jane Iredale 'Sunbeam' Bronze/blush quad
Eye Base –
>> Again, This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE if you want your makeup to last past 10am!
You can use any of the following cream to powder finish...
• BECCA Eye Tint - Gold / Baroque
• Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Eye Colour - Gold / Rose Gold
• MAC Paints - Gold / Bamboom
• Stilla Pots
Eyeliner –
Try a liquid eyeliner for summer and say goodbye to panda eyes!!!
BRUSHES & TOOLS• Foundation Brush
• Powder Brush
• Blush Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush (Flat rounded)
• Eyeshadow Blending brush (oval tapered)
• Avene or Evian Mist / Water spray / Hydrosol - to finish it all off! (This is the SECRET to skin that looks like it is naturally flawless!)
 After Work Kit - (the bare minimum you should keep in your bag at all times!)
• Avene or Evian Mist / Water spray / Hydrosol
• Foundation or concealer
• Eyeliner (at least one: MAC 'Teddy'/black)
• A Bronzer Quad (this has all your bronze/blush/highlighting needs)
• Blush brush
• Cotton Buds
• Coral / Rose pink lipstick (use as Blush too)
• Lip gloss
• Shimmer eye powder (for a quick evening sparkle)
• Mascara
• Eyeshadow Brush
SO, that’s some FREE advice as my SUMMER gift to you!

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