Friday, 4 November 2011

Back to basics || The It List

Happy Friday Beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I hear your sighs of relief to the end race day perfect skin, eyes and lips….

You can now go back to your “no-makeup for me – im ‘au naturel’-baby” look – but remember, it’s not as simple as slapping on some random tinted moisturiser! Looking just perfect without actually looking PERFECT takes the right products (and technique of course), and as any good makeup aficionado knows, the best advice comes from above-

SO, although it probably doesn’t do me any favours to tout the teachings of another professional, it DOES takes one to know one – and granted that the ever-flawless Ms Charlotte Blakeney has the pleasure of VOGUE shoots (ie. VOGUE AIRBRUSHING!!!)  and having worked with THE FAMOUS of the famous, I think I’ll just shut up now and take my seat in the corner with my trusty notepad as delivers…. Pay attention peops -  MECCA HAS SPOKEN!

As always, don’t forget to shop around!

Love Tam

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